Three Year Olds

Three year old children are both curious and eager to learn. Age three is one of curiosity about almost everything. It is the goal of Palma Ceia Academy to satisfy their curiosity with an environment that is both exciting and diverse. Each classroom is created with four or more interesting activity centers. Social & emotional development is a necessary part of our classroom for this age group. The teachers are always there to help the children make choices and to perform tasks that will foster their independence. PCA recognizes that three-year-olds function in a world of their own making. They are only beginning to respond to simple rules and routines. We prepare our children to progress from three year olds to independent four year olds with many new skills.

Enrichment Activities for your children include computers and science, in our computer lab and famous tree house, respectively. Our multiple, age appropriate playgrounds will be a big part of your child's day, where jump rope, parachute, slides, and climbing equipment are just a few of the activities they will enjoy so much. Sand play and water play are other outdoor activities available. The teachers also prepare table games and creative crafts to challenge your child’s growth both mentally and socially. Schedule a visit and see our unique school and all the fun activities that are happening at the academy.