Our Philosophy


A child's self-esteem is one of the most important attributes we can promote. Your child must understand that they are an individual and should be respected. At Palma Ceia Academy, discipline provided with love, will give them security. When boundaries are present your child will feel secure and respect their authority figures. We demand control of each and every class. Control, that is, with love and control that does not attack the personality of the child.

Safety is the most important factor involved when dealing with groups of children. It only takes a second to have a serious accident. Cleanliness and order are a must in the classroom. When these two factors are in place, your child will be at his best for learning and growing.

Our academic program is one of excellence but never pressure on the child. Education should be a happy experience. Your child will be encouraged and engaged in many new activities.

Each child and every parent is very special to us. We know you have trusted us with your most precious possession – your innocent, trusting child. We strive to create a preschool atmosphere unlike any other. We believe, in order to do this, we must trust God to give us what we need as teachers. After all, it is God's world and it is our intention to create a Christian atmosphere for the children here: one of love, discipline, control, freedom, and education. With love your child learns; with discipline your child learns respect; with control your child learns self-control; with freedoms your child explores and creates and in turn discovers himself. We know that by accomplishing these goals we will create an environment of happiness and educational achievement:

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