January 2010 - "We enjoyed our experience at Palma Ceia Academy. The children had been attending for (I believe) 3.5 years. From potty training to playtime, from music class to Spanish to computer lab, the teachers were phenomenal. I have been pleased with the disciplinary methods and have always been well-informed of situations that may have occurred with my children. They entered kindergarten (twins) in the fall of 2009 and where prepared. After attending VPK at Palma Ceia, they already had an incredible foundation which propelled them when they started elementary school. They are currently attending MacFarlane Park Elementary and when they arrived, were reading at a kindergarten half-year level! Palma Ceia’s curriculum of interaction, reading and creative play helped set the tone for my children to have some expectation of what kindergarten would be like.

Thank you!

Palma Ceia is not a daycare, it is truly an child care educational center."

- Jody H.

December 2008 - I have two boys that attend Palma Ceia Academy and have since they were 18 months old. My oldest son is now 7 and attends the afterschool program while my youngest is almost 4 going into his 3rd year at PCA. I couldn't ask for more from the staff at Palma Ceia. Angi, the administrator(or as I call her "everything woman) has been able to provide guidance to both of my children as well as my husband and I as parents. You don't receive a manual with children so having someone to trust with such experience with all age groups is a God send. When I enrolled my children in the center I never expected that the staff members would become such an integral part of our families. I take great comfort in knowing that my son loves his teacher and she is able to comfort him in my absence as well as instill a sense of discipline in his daily behavior. The teachers and staff take such pride in their careers and it shows every day when I pick my children up and they tell me about something they learned that day or show me a project they made. Both of my children have made strides academically under the guidance of the teachers at PCA. My oldest, Robert, now in the first grade, takes great pride in achieving his academic goals and is in the head of his class in both mathematics and reading! My younger son, Michael, loves to recite the alphabet, sing the songs he has learned, and inform me what day of the week it is and tell me all about the colors he knows on a regular basis. The shows that the children perform in have instilled a sense of confidence and accomplishment in both my boys as they have been participating for years now and don't seem to let stage fright bother them anymore. I highly recommend Palma Ceia Academy to many of my friends and will continue to do so as I have complete trust and confidence in the staff.

- Michaela Cooney, PHR

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