Four and Five Year Olds

Four and five year old children are gaining knowledge about their world by watching and listening. The teachers are preparing the children to graduate into kindergarten, with the skills to excel as they begin the formal education that is so necessary for success in life. The skill of "group listening" is important for learning and acquiring information. Palma Ceia Academy endeavors to teach this skill by involving the children in music, drama, and circle time activities. The classrooms are set up with interest centers for the girls and boys. This is a time when the children are gaining much independence in choices they make. Following directions is critical for a preschool child's independent functioning in educational settings. Teaching the children about following directions, appreciating books and early reading, vocabulary, handwriting, and the sounds of language are all essential aspects of PCA's educational process.

Enrichment Activities for your children include computers and science, and the famous tree house, respectively. Our multiple, age appropriate playgrounds will be a big part of your child's day, where jump rope, parachute, slides, and climbing equipment are just a few of the activities they will enjoy so much. Sand play and water play are other outdoor activities available. The teachers also prepare table games and creative crafts to challenge your child’s growth both mentally and socially. Come see our unique school and all the fun activities that are happening at the academy.